Columbus Georgia!

A Strong Military Heritage

Columbus has a very strong military heritage that dates as far back as the Civil War. During the days of the Civil War, Columbus served as a major Confederate supply center. Columbus Iron Works, founded in 1853, supplied the Confederacy with cannons and iron-clad ships. Port Columbus National Civil War Museum tells the complete story of the Navy during the Civil War.

During the Civil War, Henry L. Benning, from Columbus, raised an army regiment in Columbus and commanded Georgia's 17th Brigade. Benning became a brigadier general in the Confederate army. Fort Benning, the United States Army post located just outside Columbus and known as the Home of the Infantry, is named for General Benning.

Corporal Eugene Bullard, the world's first black combat aviator, is also from Columbus. There are five Medal of Honor recipients who are from Columbus Georgia. An Eternal Flame outside the Columbus Government Center recognizes the five Medal of Honor recipients.

Columbus is home to two military museums. In addition to Port Columbus, Columbus is also home to the National Infantry Museum.

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